Junior Midwifery

Eighteen Month Course

Junior Midwifery

Eligibility for admission:

1. The candidate must be a permanent citizen of Bangladesh.
2. The age of the candidate should be between 18 to 22 years on the last date of submission of application.
3. GPA (Grade Point Average) in SSC or equivalent examination from any board of education is minimum 2.50 and GPA (Grade Point Average) in HSC or equivalent examination is 2.50.

General policy:

1. Marriage cannot take place until the training period is over.

2. After admission, you have to give a pledge to follow the rules and regulations of the Bangladesh Nursing Council and the rules and regulations of the Nursing Institute.

3. No student can be continuously be absent from hostel or class without prior permission / notice.

4. If a student fails the final examination every 6 months and fails for the second time after 7 days, his / her training will be canceled.

5. If a student behaves rudely towards someone and if it is proved to be harmful for the institutions reputation then the training of that student will be canceled.


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